Study Abroad

Study abroad program in Alanya is administered by the McGhee Center. It boasts a regionally-focused rigorous curriculum.  Accepted students are required to enroll in one Turkish language course and four content courses, for a total of 16-17 credits.  The program offers Turkish language from the beginning through the advanced level.   Since the faculty for the McGhee Center changes each semester, the content course offerings also will change.  Topics covered at the McGhee Center traditionally include:

  • Contemporary Culture
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Gender Studies
  • Migration
  • The Environment
  • Emerging Markets

All topics are related to the following regions:

  • Turkey and the Middle East
  • Turkey and the European Union
  • The Islamic world
  • The Russian/Eurasian sphere of influence (especially the Balkans, Caucasus, Black Sea, or Central Asia).


With prior approval from the students' deans and/or departmental advisors, the courses offered at the McGhee Center may serve to fulfill both degree prerequisite requirements and major requirements. Students may also participate in a community-based learning project. As the McGhee Center is part of Georgetown University, grades for Georgetown students transfer directly into their grade point averages. Non-Georgetown students receive a GU transcript at the end of the semester.


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